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Rewiring happens quicker when you work with the brain instead of against it.

Joe Fedison is committed to developing strategies for people to move their lives forward. His training is based on science, mainly psychology and neuroscience. Joe has spent years researching and studying human behavior, all the time focusing on one question: “Why do people do what they do?”

All of the content on this site is based on a definitive core of knowledge that has been acquired over the last 20 years. That “core” is what makes different, because it is based on how the brain is actually wired. With that knowledge, and the strategies Joe has developed, you can rapidly change your life and get lasting results.


• University of Rochester (Rochester, NY): Optics Engineering
• Simon Business School (Rochester, NY): Personnel Mgmt Cert
• Harvard-X (Cambridge, MA): Fundamentals of Neuroscience

Neuro-Strategist, Coach, Speaker & Trainer
Joe has over 20 years experience, encompassing a multitude of fields and skills, which include: Neuro-leadership, Psychology, Coaching, Training, Conflict Resolution, Human Behavior, Customer Relations, Brand Marketing, Executive Experience, Business Development, Project Management, Sales Management, Business Mentoring and Personal Development.

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