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Author of “You Can Get The Truth – You Can Fix The World” and leading expert on concise questioning, Joe Fedison has dedicated his life JF-Fullsizeto mastering effective communication techniques. His greatest attribute is the ability to get people to take action instantly in the direction of the goals they want to achieve. Joe received his bachelor of sciences from the University of Rochester in Optics Engineering and a Certificate in Management Studies from the William E. Simon Graduate School of Business Administration in Rochester, New York.

With over 25 years of business experience, encompassing a multitude of fields and skills, which include: Executive Experience, Business Development, Customer Relations, Brand Marketing, Project Management, Sales Management, JoeSMART2Overseas Manufacturing, Importing, Customer Service Training, Public Speaking, Internet Marketing & Analytics, Financial Analysis, Public Relations, ISO-9000 Implementation, Technical & Business Writing (Business Plans, Patents, Contracts, 501(c)3 Application, Technical Instruction Sheets, Press Releases, Mission Statements). Product Design, Manufacturing, Marketing and Distribution. Computer Training. Computer Skills include: MS Office Suite, MS Project, MS Visio, Database Design (MS Access, SQL), Server Management, Website Management/Design, Cold Fusion, HTML, PHP, Photoshop, Macromedia Dreamweaver, Graphic Design, E-commerce, Electronics Manufacturing; strong math/science background.

A More Personal Story

I am a single parent who has similar concerns and worries as most people do. I want my son to have a better life than I have, I try to be healthy, I try to do what’s right, and people who ruin the world drive me crazy. I believe in the American dream where anyone can take an idea, take a risk and try to make their dreams come true.

I was born in Atlantic City, NJ and moved many times growing up, changing schools 15 times within 12 years. I attended three different schools in 4th grade and then again in 9th grade. My family was always on the short side of the economic scale, but it wasn’t until high school that I even realized we were poor. It is funny how, unless someone puts a label on your situation, you are totally fine with what is normal to you. From 5th grade to 12th grade, our years as a family of five were lived in trailer parks, apartments and campgrounds and although there were many struggles, I also remember a lot of fun times.

Interested in math and science, I did well in school and was accepted to the University of Rochester as a Physics major. Four years later I graduated with a BS in Optics Engineering, which was in 1987. I consider my years in college to be some of the greatest times of my life. I loved being around people, joined a fraternity and still have dreams about being there.

After college, I didn’t make the best financial or career decisions and my life has not been easy, but I never blamed anyone for the choices I made for myself. I got married in 1993 and had a son in 1994. I also moved and started a new job within the same year. Unfortunately things didn’t work out with my marriage, so I moved back to my hometown and brought my 2 year old son with me. That was in 1996. Unfortunately, he got sick that year and was ill for the next 2 years. I never remarried and up until my son was 18 my life was very hard; I struggled financially for years.

I don’t need to explain to anyone how tough it is being a single parent, especially when you have limited family resources. Leaving my son to be raised by someone else wasn’t an option, so I figured out how to work from home as much as possible and followed the rule that says, “You do the best with what you have.” I still work from home when I can and my life is nothing as I thought it would be over 25 years ago, when I graduated college. Not that it is bad, just different. As always, I am optimistic about the future.



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