Are you ready to move your life forward?

1. Your


There are things about your life that you would like to be different in the future. You’ve been motivated before and maybe you’ve taken action. For some reason you still can’t get things to change.

2. The Real


The brain’s hardwiring is designed to help you achieve within your current environment, but it’s running old programs that are actually sabotaging your chances of creating the life you want.

3. Brain based


Apply strategies that bypass, reverse or rewire the sabotaging connections. The strategies that you are looking for have already been developed by Joe Fedison – you just have to take the steps.

Your life will change when YOU change it.

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These are not PowerPoint presentations with voiceover. Joe Fedison courses are live video as if you were sitting in a classroom having the teacher explain how it works and how to use it. New courses are being added regularly.

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Procrastination Mastery: Finish What You Start

On sale NOW for ONLY $19.00
60-Day Moneyback Guarantee

Do you want to quickly complete your next goal or project? Stop switching from project to project and never finishing one. Get the satisfaction and relief that comes with completing what needs to get done in your life.

This course doesn’t just give you some principles and tell you to “just go do it.” It is a hands-on, DO IT NOW – Mastery Class where you will learn specific strategies and take the steps to get you from where you are to where you want to be.

Complete a real life project as you take this course. Plus, learn to control the two key areas of your brain associated with motivation and achievement.

How To Overcome The Friend Zone

On sale NOW for ONLY $19.00
60-Day Moneyback Guarantee

NOTE: Above is a sample lecture from the course, there are 35 total lectures.

Are you tired of not being seen as their perfect match? Do you want more from a certain relationship? This course is designed to move you from the Friend Zone to the Love Zone.

  1. Apply 5 hacks that will increase your attractiveness instantly.
  2. Move from the Friend Zone to the Love and Lust Zone.
  3. Have conversations that lead to love and lust.
  4. Learn when and how to touch in a lover’s way.
  5. Get the courage and deliver THAT memorable first kiss.

Well Joe was very clear and knew his material and it showed!

I learned alot about how to start and complete something by following simple step by step questions when I feel stuck or de-motivated!

Simple to understand and makes total sense!

I see myself in this instructor’s descriptions and am excited to develop this skill of finishing my projects. I have so many in the works, and i just want to finish one! And then the rest.

I think this is a subtle, but effective course for those needing help with seeing things through, which is perhaps most of us at some point or other. Mr. Fedison’s generosity of spirit and personal story of overcoming adversity come through well in an inspirational way. Psychological insights and planning tools are worth your attention.