Joe Fedison - Optimum Point Performance™

PROBLEM: There is a process of the brain that is prone to delivering status quo and incorrect solutions. It is our default decision making process and we access it 50-80% of the time.

SOLUTION: Optimum Point Performance™ is a strategy designed to redirect that process to another area of the brain that is dedicated to higher order thinking. Here, more details can be analyzed, multiple scenarios can be developed and possible outcomes can be projected into the future. There’s more, but alone that thought process will return better results. The amazing part is that it can happen in seconds.

Optimum Point Performance™ will empower you and your team to produce optimum results in an ever changing, diverse world.

Company Focus In 2019

Surveys show that companies are investing in training that promotes productivity through team engagement, developing leadership and creating a customer experience instead of just a sale. From executive to frontline, the skills necessary to accomplish this can be quickly and effectively obtained through neuroscience based strategies. Whether you have 5 people or 5000, the brain works the same.

Joe Fedison Solutions includes the topics below, plus: communication, conflict management, sales, innovation, business strategy, crisis management and critical thinking.  Let us know if you have different training needs.

Joe Fedison - Build Productive Teams
CREATING Effective Teams

•  Capitalize on the brain’s wiring for group tasks.
•  Focus on individuals to contribute their strengths.
•  Create an environment of cohesiveness and support.

Joe Fedison - Productivity Training
IMPROVING Productivity

•  Improve production with current resources.
•  Learn “Brain Communication” for faster outcomes.
•  Apply strategies that reduce mistakes.

Create A Customer Experience
ENHANCING Customer Experience

•  Develop, in them, an authentic experience.
•  Apply neuroscience to the sales process.
•  Avoid triggering the brain’s threat response.

Joe Fedison - Management Skills Training
LEARNING Management Skills

•  Adapt to human behavior for situational solutions.
•  Apply strategies that redirect team member focus.
•  Modulate your own emotions for optimum results.

Joe Fedison - Leadership Development
DEVELOPING Future Leaders

•  Change the focus from tasks to outcomes.
•  Understand the brain’s decision making process.
•  Learn internal motivations that drive outcomes.

Joe Fedison - Applying Executive Influence
APPLYING Executive Influence

•  Adapt to influence outcomes when it counts the most.
•  Guide, motivate and move your team forward.
•  Instill buy-in of goals and company change to your team.

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