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Sometimes even the best need a coach. A lot of times I wish I had someone to help me breakthrough when I was stuck and my brain was having it’s way with me. Joe Fedison Coaching focuses on getting you to move forward and to take action right now, no matter what coaching session length you choose. NO TIME WILL BE WASTED.

Coaching sessions will be facilitated by phone or video. If you prefer one-way video, you can turn the camera off on your side. I prefer the video because I use a whiteboard, it allows me to adjust on the fly and make important points in a visual fashion.

Session minimums are 15 minutes. If you purchase a 60 minute package you can divide it up any way you like, you don’t have to use the entire 60 minutes in one session.

First Time? Get the 30 Minute Coaching Session for ONLY $25*. Use code: COACH (when checking out)
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Coaching is normally $200/hr, but for a limited time it is on sale:

• 2 hours (120 minutes) = $200, normally $400
• 1 hour (60 minutes) = $120, normally $200
• 1/2 hour (30 minutes) = $70, normally $100
• 1/4 hour (15 minutes) = $40, normally $50

“Our toughest opponents are our brains and time. You CAN control one of those.”

*You may only use the discount code “COACH” once. You cannot purchase multiple units with the discount code. It is only good for (1) one 30 Minute Session. Once it has been used normal pricing (including sales) will apply.

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