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The difference with Do It Now is that we take REAL action during the workshop with real life situations.

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clear-communicationClear Communication saves time, money, reduces stress, eliminates conflict, ends mistakes. If the benefits are so great, why aren’t people striving to become masters of concise communication? One of the reasons is that the value is never realized when the actions are being taken. When a team member focuses on the end result (what they are trying to achieve), sometimes they miss what is important to the customer. Another reason concise communication is rarely mastered is because people don’t understand the skills and techniques necessary to perform at a high level. Both of these reasons and more are addressed, fixed and acted upon in the “Do It Now Clear Communication Workshop.”


conflict-resolutionReducing conflict is paramount for any business. Conflict can be internal (team member with team member) or it can be external with clients, vendors or support services. In business, we have to realize that everything doesn’t go the way you plan and when it goes wrong you usually have no control over that event. What you can control is how you and your team react to it. This reaction will make the difference in time and money. Conflict is caused by 5 things: 1. Misunderstandings 2. Unmet Expectations 3. Internal Beliefs 4. Outside Forces 5. Acts Of Nature. With just one “Do It Now Conflict Resolution Workshop” your team will be able to end 95% of daily conflicts in just 2-3 minutes.


customer-serviceGreat customer service should come natural to people…unfortunately, it doesn’t. The basic interaction should be to treat your clients the way you would like to be treated: Don’t belittle them or be short tempered. Be friendly, listen to their concerns AND honestly try to help them. Taking the leap from great customer service to superior customer service involves training with the understanding of, “What is your end goal?” AND “What is their end goal?” When you can marry these two together everyone comes out a winner. Becoming skilled at asking efficient questions, that can solve customer complaints, is an invaluable tool that is included in the “Do It Now Customer Service Workshop.”


loyalty-leadershipWhen you think of strong leaders, you probably think of people who are decisive, intelligent, confident, and bold. You’re not wrong. Good leaders have all of these qualities. What about loyalty? It’s a two-way street. When you have loyalty as a leader you have a team that respects you and you respect them. Loyalty is built on trust. If your people don’t believe you’re being forthcoming with them, they won’t trust you and that means you are probably not getting the best from your team members. We all know that people aren’t motivated just by the paycheck, they want to be part of something and a lot of them want to be part of a positive environment. Learn how to give them what they want and gain their loyalty in the “Do It Now Loyalty Leadership Workshop.”


sales-simpleSales, in its essence, is a very simple transaction. You have a product or service that someone needs and you have to figure out how to get it to them for a profit. For the modern day “warrior” salesperson there are more tools available than ever. These tools are designed to make prospecting easier, qualifying automatic, and closing the deal simple. For face-to-face sales, there’s just one problem, they need to talk to you. They want to feel comfortable and confident that THEY are making a good decision by going with your company. Sales is just a conversation that leads to a definite end and hopefully a financial transaction. These financial transactions can happen at a higher rate when your sales team learns the effective use of sales communication techniques, which are the foundation of the “Do It Now Sales Are Simple Workshop.”
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