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“Your delivery was so engaging that all attention was focused on you. By any measure you are a very effective speaker as well as educator. I found your subject matter about the Reticular Activating System especially intriguing. On behalf of myself and partner, thank you for an enlightening and stimulating presentation and we hope for future collaborations.” ~ Sharon B. Dobbins, Medi-Bill 4 You

This course is awesome!!!
If you want to raise your self-esteem, then this is the right course. I think this is more a guide than a course, you’ll want to watch it at least once a week. You’re the man Joe !!! Thanks for sharing. ~ Manuel Heredia

Excellent Practical course.
I have enjoyed this course. Joe Fedison, know what he is talking about. I have get a lot of things from this course that I will start implementing in my life. What he said resonates with me and seems easy enough to do. Thanks Joe. ~ Carl Pohl

Excellent course…
This course put me back on track again. Thank you so much Joe Fedison. Everything in this course it’s well organized and all the explanation that gives in the course help me a lot. Take action and take this course… DO IT NOW… ~ Edgarz Cesar Martinez Bazarte

I start this review…
I want give the congrats for best informations…now i can finish many things…including this review.Thanks Joe Fedison for your time and choices for me and others. ~ Magno

Engaging, Motivating and Resourceful

  • Engaging: I really like Joe’s approach in each lecture, I felt as if I had a coach explaining me the how, what and why on goals and projects. But more importantly, the lectures made me think and ask myself questions.
  • Motivating: Once you realize that taking baby steps actually get you to your goal, it encourages you to go forward, how can one not get into the action mode?
  • Resourceful: Joe’s experience and knowledge is not only talk, forms are provided to ensure self-success and continuation.

Thank you Joe, your lectures are well done, they are short, to the point, you are articulate, clear and most important, I felt your sincerity for me to succeed.

Should you have another course fitting my needs, I would not hesitate to take it.

Daniel Brown

Do It Now! – “Known” Data Give A New Approach

I studied this topic for a while now. Joe put together some of what I knew already and added some incredible data.

What he teaches does make sense, is easy to apply and enables you to move forward – fast.

Yes, this course helps a lot, to achieve, what you want.

Joe has a calm but engaged way to bring the messages across.

I recommend this course!

And the best: Lifelong access. And I for sure will get through the material again!

Thank you, Joe!
J Stephan Schroeder

Done It Now
This course is really help me to improve myself better. How to make me focusing on the project until it’s finished. The Instructor, Joe Fedison make this course very simple and easy to understand. I think this course is one of the best online course I have been taken. Thank you very much Joe Fedison. ~ Hendi Gusmanta

Helped me tremendously!
Real strategies, no fluff. I like that there are actual downloads to use and keep me on track. ~ CHRISTOPHER NEWMAN

This course was an outstanding presentation outlining many practical ways of moving through the many self imposed and external obstacles to complete projects! I have spent years studying many of the theories and concepts as the basis of self improvement goals. I was very impressed how you taught so many of these barrier breaking techniques to get unstuck and move forward in such simple practical methods that do not take years of study. The world can really use this course towards realization of self actualization. Thank you Joe! ~ Mike Cicali

Very good instructor
I am a motivated person already, but the steps in this course kept me more focused than I usually am.
~ Marian Bellus

Practical course
Practical steps and some scientific know how is what sets this course apart. I also like the energy of the instructor.
~ Britney Slone

Even if you get just one tip out of this course that you can use you’ll benefit for life. The thing is, if you only get one tip out of this course, you most likely weren’t paying attention and should watch again… Thank you Joe. ~ LaMonte Forthun

I loved the course
The course is designed to get people to keep going and complete their goals. That is the problem. People don’t ever finish anything. Some of the best strategies and insights are at the end of the course and I am not sure people will get to it. The principles and ideas are correct, plus the downloads work perfectly. I loved the course. I hope people will use it for what it is – a way to get things done. ~ Richard Kellis

Obviously a lot of hard work was put in to designing this course. No fluff here. ~ Greg Johnson



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