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Who I Used When I Got Started

I started out consulting when I became a single parent back in 1996. My son was 2 years old and I needed to stay home with him for personal and medical reasons. That meant I needed to learn how to create an income to survive.

One of my friends from college had a server and had an Internet based company. He offered me space to put up a website. I learned quickly and started building websites for businesses.

As my business grew I wanted to get my own server. I saw many companies out there and have been through several of them. There are 2 that I have now. One of them is BlueHost. I chose them mostly because of how much they offer at a very low price. You can get a website (with a domain name) for as little as $3.95/mth, it costs more for some Starbuck’s coffees!

I went with the VPS (Virtual Private Server), which is a greater monthly expense. You need to know a little be more than the average webdesigner to manage a VPS. The benefits for me were that I could create websites on the fly, install software packages, extensions, and facilitate database management for my customers. It’s what my business needed and I still manage several Virtual Private Servers today.

Through the years I had several issues with my server that were, a lot of times, my fault. Whether I called tech support or opened a tech chat session, I was always pleased with the level of service I received. Things are always going to happen in business and sometimes it is out of your control or knowledge level. You need to be able to fix problems fast and get your business back and running. That is where I trusted BlueHost to come through and they did.

I know that a VPS isn’t for everyone, but every business must have some kind of Internet presence and a website for $3.95/mth is not a bad place to start.



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