Joe Fedison Secret To Sales

That’s right zero, because there are no secrets in sales. Ironically, people use the word “secret” as a sales tool to make you believe you are missing something. It is so misused and played out that the effect has diminished greatly over the years. Whenever I see the word “secret” attached to the success of a basic business process I become very skeptical. Number 1, if you had a secret process that made your business more successful why would you want other people to know? There are plenty of companies with secrets, they’re just not telling anyone. Some people claim they have the secret and you can learn it for a price. That leads to number 2: if everyone is able to buy this secret, is it really a secret?

What Does It Mean To Sell?

There are a lot of definitions on the Internet for the word “Sell”. I like this one the best:

Sell (v): to transfer goods or to render services for another in exchange for money.

It’s a simple concept and is one of the main reasons currency was ever created. In my opinion, being successful in sales is being able to sell your service or product, with integrity, at a level that affords you the life you want to live. I have to add the word integrity, but it should be a no-brainer. If you have figured out a way to sell a product or service that is not wanted, not needed, or is grossly overpriced, then you have no sales integrity and don’t expect people to think any differently. You hear stories about these people all the time. They have been around for thousands of years and are one of the reasons the world has any ill will towards the profession. You don’t want to be that person and I am here to tell you, you don’t have to be. Sales is an amazing career, it can take you places faster than any other line of work.

What Sales Is

Sales is, and always will be, finding out what the other person wants and figuring out a way to get it to them for a price that is mutually beneficial. I want to note that “mutually beneficial” is extremely subjective; it can be based on perceived value due to multiple factors. Those factors include: scarcity, time constraints, personal attachment and the current environment.

Sales is about having a conversation and not only hearing the other person’s wants and needs, but understanding them and sometimes empathizing with them. If you can connect in that environment AND you have a product that person wants it will probably be one of the easiest sales you ever made.

What Not To Do In Sales

If you want to be a great sales person, be an honest salesperson. Somehow those words don’t seem to go together, but they should. Here are some obvious tactics you shouldn’t be using:

  • Claim one thing and then try to get them to sign for another.
  • Tell them the product does things that it doesn’t do.
  • Go through the entire sales process and then tell them it’s going to cost extra for something they were led to believe came with the original price. Upselling is an option, not mandatory for a sale.
  • Sell a product you know is inferior at the price point.

If these tactics bother you as a consumer, why wouldn’t they bother other consumers purchasing from you. People want honesty nowadays and they are willing to pay for it. They just don’t know where to put THAT money.

Think And Be Yourself

You don’t have to learn a sales script to be successful at sales. You need to engage like you are talking to another human being, because you are. They are interested in your product or service, but may have some concerns. If you can find out their concerns you can give them the information THEY need to make a decision.shower-toaster Or, you can tap into their emotions and create a connection on why having the Shower Toaster could be fabulous, but it is still just a stupid idea.

3 Tips To Increase Sales:

  1. You need to know your product and understand why someone else should purchase it. You don’t have to be an expert. There is nothing wrong with not having all the answers. Be honest. If someone asks you a question you don’t know, tell them you will find out and get back to them. Then do just that.
  2. Learn how to listen to understand instead of listening to reply. This is hard for seasoned sales people who have been taught the many nuances of overcoming objections. The problem is that not everyone of your prospects is going to be able to verbalize exactly what their concerns are and a lot of times they don’t. If you are just listening for key words so you can give the “canned” response, it may not be the information that person needed to make a decision.
  3. Ask questions and follow number 2 above. It is the key to everything. It’s how YOU learn more. The more you learn and understand about your prospect the more successful you will be and that’s no secret.

I have been in sales management positions twice in my life and both times I doubled sales in less than 18 months. These were both million dollar companies. I stayed true to myself, did my best to find out what the other person needed and delivered it to them in a way that was mutually beneficial.

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